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From platters for pick up for DIY catering, to full service catering for any cocktail party, Quince is here for you!

Enjoy our slow cooked, handcrafted cuisine and baked goods at all your events. We use sustainable, local, naturally raised and organic products in our cooking, including Kettle Valley naturally raised beef, Fraser Valley ducks, our own Organic Chicken Stock and Wild Local Seafood.

Please contact us if you need information regarding a full service outside catering and we will send you a quote. Donít forget our take-out products from Quince Express are designed to make you look like an expert cook, another catering alternative. View our Quince Express list for our typical selections.

All our platters come with crostinis and breads served on the side. These platters are intended to be used without plates, with our our crostini serving as an edible "plate" instead. All you need to provide your guests with are cocktail napkins.

Please note serving utensils are not included but are required for most platters. Let us know if you would like to rent them separately.

We are often asked how many people our platters serve. While this is difficult to know as it depends on the time of day, what else is to be served, as well as the age and gender of your guests, we have tried to give a sense of size by noting next to each platter the number of crostinis or baguette slices accompanying the platter. Our platters allow for each crostini to have an hors d'oeuvre size topping.

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Quince Cappuccino & Lunch Express

This menu changes daily but always includes soup du jour, salad, sandwiches, paninis, and a special lunch item. For Today's Menu go to The Quince Essentials, or call us at (604) 731-4645.

Sandwiches and paninis are made using Quince made breads and are priced at $8.75

Salad changes daily and is priced at $8.75

Soup & Salad Special is $12.00 and Soup & Sandwich Special is $12.00

At Quince we support the use of non-disposables. All pick-up caterings are therefore plated on ceramic platters. In the case of hot food, we will plate on trays which go directly into the oven with ceramic platters on the side. Please note that there is a non-refundable platter charge based on the dollar value of your order.

Pick-up at Quince, Antipasto Platter