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Today's Lunch Menu @ Quince Essentials

Consider our catering options for your events.

Platters and Hors d'oeuvre for pick-up at Quince are always easy to serve and are a practical alternative to full service catering. Our cold hors d'oeuvre platters are arranged on white ceramics with the crostinis on the side. Although we do not do any individual cold hors d'oeuvre we do have a good list of individual hot hors d'oeuvre, which are on trays ready to go directly into the oven. Serving platters and dipping dishes come on the side along with the heating instructions.

In addition to the hors d'oeuvre platters we also have Appetizer platters and these are more like a first course that can be served family style. These most definitely require plates and cutlery.

We usually require a few days notice even for the smaller orders. During the holiday season please give us as much advance notice as possible so ensure our availability. For larger orders we may be able to drop off but this will depend on the particular day.

For full service catering we are available for cocktail functions. Please contact us for a quote and availability. Don't forget our take-out products from Quince Express are designed to make you look like an expert cook and can be a good catering alternative for main course with a smaller group. In addition we have Mini Crab Cakes and Arancini which heat perfectly from frozen, also available from Quince Express

Please note serving utensils and napkins are not included. Let us know if you would like to rent them separately. Also note there is a non refundable charge on the use of the ceramic platters. This is listed on our brochure.

We are often asked how many people our platters serve. While this is difficult to know as it depends on the time of day, what else is to be served, as well as the age and gender of your guests. The best thing to do is figure out your budget and preferences then give us a call and we can advise you.

Click here to see our Platter & Hors d'oeuvre Brochure